We pride ourselves on our smart approach to doing business. Our services are better in results and faster. We leverage best practices, technologies, methodologies and approaches to provide desired quality services to our clients.

Custom Software Development

We are ready to assist you at every stage of the software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.
Innorious’s expertise and technology proficiency have made its software development methodology stand different from others.

Web Application Development

We have a vast experience in building web applications. We understand Scalability, Responsiveness, Maintainability, Performance and Security are the vital non-functional requirements of every web application and we ensure them.

Mobile Apps Development

We have expertise in building native and hybrid mobile apps that can help our clients to reduce customer response time, costs and increase customer satisfaction and service revenue.


Innorious leverages Microsoft's azure as a strategic differentiator to empower clients on their continuous innovation journey to develop, manage and deploy enterprise level web-solutions. We uses cloud design patterns and best practices to build scalable cloud hosted and hybrid applications that deliver high productivity and user experience

TriZetto Facets

Our Facets center of excellence understands the need and role of Facets in driving the core of healthcare. Innorious’s vast experience and expertise assures its clients a great support in achieving their objectives.

Technical Support

Innorious offers the complete range of Support services for post-production support needs. Our support teams work seamlessly with client teams to extend the application and technical support services. We are experts at Application Support, Database Support, and Technical Support.


Accelerate growth by uniting People, Business & Technology


Understanding, that the present and future opportunities are inseparably associated with the all pervasive Information Technology, Innorious carved its niche by recognizing the need of the hour and providing completely tailored IT solutions by leveraging best available technologies.


exceeding Customer expectations, responsiveness, quality and consistency

About Us

Innorious is a leading provider of information technology products, services and solutions. We create solutions that fit the customer’s exact needs using the appropriate technology. Our innovative, cost-effective products, services and solutions can help customer focus on driving their business value through technology innovation with comprehensive solutions to assist them in critical business decisions. We deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We take the customers ideas in to business reality through rapid development, integration, deployment, and management of data driven applications. Our capabilities cover different languages, platforms, and code bases.

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